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        Tiggers  3-4 year olds                               


       09.00-09.45   Topic work/Literacy

       and Numeracy activities/games/fun!            

       09.50-10.40    Art and soft play

       role play/garden  


      Piglets 2-3 year olds

       09.00-09.45    Art and soft play

       role play activities

       09.50-10.40    Learning activities

       sand & water  and garden play


      Tiggers and Piglets

       11.00-11.10     Midmorning snack

       & circle time  

       11.10-11.40     Park and outdoor


       11.45-11,45 -  Story/song time

       12.00-12.15 - Home                                  


      Afternoons for both

     Tiggers and piglets

      12.30-13.30       Lunch (packed lunch)

      13.30-14.30       Activities/garden/

       role-play activities

      14.30-14.40       Afternoon snack & circle


      14.40-15.10        Park and outdoor games

      15.10-15.15          Home


There is also Cooking, Music and Movement, Yoga and Sports in the park on a weekly basis.  The activities are not set for a particular day and change weekly.

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